OHP presents “Rumors”

Show Dates: April 14, 15, 21, 23 at 7:30 PM & April 16 & 23 at 2:00 PM

Tickets: Tickets will be on sale in March 2023

Email: operahouse@alpinecom.net  or tickets@icsbbs.com
Phone:  (563) 873-2378
In-Person:  at Elkader Floral (563-245-2241)
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Auditions for Rumors are being held on January 9th and 11th at 6:30 PM at the Elkader Opera House.  You can come to either night or both!  Please use the side door by the parking lot to enter.  There are 10 young adult or adult roles available.  No experience necessary.

“Rumors,” is a madcap, slamming door farce set in a large home located just outside of New York City in the year 1988. The characters are arriving as guests at a 10th Anniversary Dinner. The first couple to arrive discovers that one of their hosts (Charley) has apparently attempted suicide… unsuccessfully. Charley’s wife, Myra, is nowhere to be found and neither are the servants. As more guests arrive, there are cover-ups, deceptions, mistaken identities, and a lot of huge laughs.


KEN GORMAN – A well-to-do lawyer. Married to Chris.

CHRIS GORMAN – Another lawyer, married to Ken. Beautiful, easily flustered.

LENNY GANZ – A wealthy accountant.

CLAIRE GANZ – Lenny’s wife. Very concerned with appearances.

ERNIE CUSACK – A psychiatrist. Loves his wife very much.

COOKIE CUSACK – Has her own cooking show. A bit absent-minded at times.

GLENN COOPER – A handsome man running for State Senate.

CASSIE COOPER – Glenn’s beautiful wife. Quick to anger.

OFFICER WELCH (M) –A city police officer having a rough night.

OFFICER PUDNEY (F) – Welch’s partner. A strong but silent type.

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