Catch Me If You Can Tryouts

catch-me-if-you-canCatch Me If You Can is the high-flying musical comedy about chasing your dreams
and not getting caught!

Audition Start:  Monday, May 22nd at 7pm  and/or  Tuesday, May 23rd at 7pm
Audition Location: Elkader Opera House, 207 North Main St., Elkader, IA
Audition Details:  Read scenes, learn a quick dance, learn and perform a song (in a group or as a solo.)
Rehearsal Dates: Dance rehearsals will begin in early July.
Performance Dates:    Sept. 28 & Oct. 1 at 2pm, Sept. 29, 30 & Oct. 5, 6, & 7 at 7:30pm
Requirements: Must be available for all performance dates! Must be 12 or older.
What to bring: Dates of conflicts from July through the performances.

Roles Available:
Frank Abagnale, Jr.: (Age 16-35) a handsome and youthful con artist; grew up learning to disappear into another skin to avoid his problems; eventually falls  in love with Brenda and desperately tries to change his ways; dancer; range: G2-C5.
Brenda Strong: (Age 16-35) a hard-working young nurse, and initially insecure, she meets Frank Jr. after running away from a wedding; comes to trust him; this actress may also be a dancer for first act; range: G3-A5.
Carl Hanratty: (Age 30-65) an FBI agent leading the investigation and search for Frank Jr.; a knowledgeable and habitual workaholic who idolizes the moment he catches his perp; lives a private life of loneliness and depression; range: G2-G4.
Carol Strong: (Age 40-60) Brenda’s traditional mother; talkative and boisterous.  Range: Bb3-A5.
Roger Strong: (Age 45-65) Brenda’s conservative father; stern and interrogatory, but reveals to himself to be deeply romantic.
Frank Abagnale, Sr.: (Age 45-65) Frank Jr.’s father; an inspiration when it comes to swindling; upbeat and fast-talking, he undergoes a series of progressive failures that leaves him a miserable drunk; range: F2-G#4.
Paula Abagnale: (Age 35-65) Frank Jr.’s gorgeous mother; met Frank Sr. in France, during the war, but has fallen out of love; caring and loving, with an underlying resentment toward her husband and son.  Needs to speak with a French accent; range: A3-C5.
Three male ensemble actors (ages 16-55) to sing and play various supporting roles throughout the show.
A strong ensemble of versatile male and female singer/dancers (ages 12-40) to dance in eight big dance numbers as well as play various supporting roles throughout the show.